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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Hello! Hello! School officially starts today for all. My sis is about to enter a whole new world, a totally new environment in secondary school. Wish her all the best. =)

Anyway, work was at usual today, except that more cousins came to join us in the family business line. hee. They're just like me, here to undergo trainings whilst free. So, work today was pretty fun though. Skip the part where i had to run up and down the office to look for one pathetic piece of paper. yeah, other than that, it's fine.

26th January is approaching soon. Then, 8th Feb, then 16th Feb. sigh, time passes really fast. One moment you see me, the other moment, you don't. Because, even before you could catch your breath, i'm already in australia. =[ oh whatever.

Finally fixed a time with Clari! Meeting her next Saturday. You know what? I can't wait to meet her! =)))))))

Ok, i'm seriously pooped.

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