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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
I promised massive workout today, didn't i? =) It was awesome !

Well, here goes, i woke up at nine, changed and left the house. Went to the Gym with my mom first, before heading to the pool for a dip. And since the sun today is rather pleasing, i gave myself a golden tan. =) It's been quite some time and i miss my tan skin tone. I must have it back!

Nothing much to blog about, really. I haven't started packing my luggage, everything. Worst case ever, i haven't bought my laptop, printer and hard disk when i'm flying just next week ! OMG, will someone please hurry me ! With my schedule fully packed this week, i doubt i'll be able to finish packing by Sunday. I AMMM SOOOOO DDDEEAAADD .

OKAY LA ! here is the flight details. So STOP asking me for it. I think i'm repeating it over and over again at least 3 times a day. =\

Departure: 8th Feburary.
Time: 7.15 pm
Terminal ONE .

Don't ask me for flight number! i don't remember. =p

Oh well, jogging tomorrow, anyone?

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