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Monday, January 16, 2006
I'm back after three long days. Goodness, the total number of hours i'm actually staying at home for these three days definitely does not exceed 20. So right now, imagine my heavy eyelids and all. I know right, tell me about it. I've totally forgotten what happened on Thursday and Friday. =x

Saturday, 14th Jan. I was out with Clari ! =)) But before that, i went to collect my new spectacles first. How cool is that, Desmond actually prepared everything and waited for me to collect it and leave. Reason being, i'm not 'dao' or whatever, but i'm supposed to meet Clari at 11.30 and his shop doesn't open untill 11. So it's like i have to rush. Thanks a lot Des! and please stop that thing about -you know what-. =p

I was five minutes late, and she was ten minutes late! Make me wait five minutes.. ARBISH! Haha, but okay la, since you accompanied me to Orchard Towers to collect my air ticket, i'll let you off for once. I'm nice you know. Don't you agree that we had a nice time walking round and round Orchard? LOL. That's one thing i think only the both of us know.

I was lucky enough to be able to collect my air ticket in less than ten minutes whilst the others have to wait for god know how long. So indirectly, i'm trying to say, i cut the queue. Heh, but hey! i paid the full amount last week already, so i don't need to pay the balance before i can collect my tickets. Too bad. Alrights, so we went across the street to Orchard Hotel and settled our lunch there. The cookies from Subway are really nice! A pity my camera is with my dad, and he's currently on the plane to Italy, if not i'll be able to upload the photos in here.

Still, we talked a lot, practically everything under the sun! It's amazing how we've got so much to catch up on after four years. We made our way back to Lucky Plaza and oh my, we spent an hour in this particular shop, having headaches on which to buy/which is better/bla bla bla. Since all the accessories are at 3 for ten bucks, we slowly picked our items. =) In the end, Clari bought three necklaces, of which i also bought one with the exact design. I didn't purchase three necklaces though, i thought that ring caught my eye. Sooo... yeah.
She chosed one with big balls, and okay, it wasn't exactly pleasant to keep commenting.. "I think the balls are too big to be hung around your neck!" or, "Are these balls very big?" I tell you, we were laughing and laughing cause all of a sudden, we kept saying 'balls', if you get what i mean.

After that, we just simply sauntered around, then decided to leave for Far East Plaza. Oh yes, we stopped by This Fashion first. I bought this 'blink blink' spag top for only $18! Clari didn't like the black one, so she didn't buy. HMPF~ haha, anyway, we were walking around level one, trying to look for her slanted diamond beaded Heart Shaped necklace. I TELL YOU, the process of looking for it was infuriating! LOL! First, we found this beaded heart shapped necklace, but not slanted. Then, a slanted heart shapped necklace but not beaded. THen, a slanted and beaded heart shapped necklace!! BUT, it was only HALF beaded. Argh! THEn, the forth shop had this slanted, fully beaded heart shaped necklace, but it had two other hearts attached to it. =X! THEN, finally! i found this fully beaded, slanted, no other ding dongs attached to it. BUT the diamonds looked so unreal. AHHHH ! i can faint ! That girl is so mah fan! =p But nvm, as always, i'm nice. haha.

Left at 5 for the host party going on at dad's fish farm. There's this really ironic thing about my dad's client. He comes from London, or was it Australia, i can't rmb. Okay, he comes form either of the country, but the purpose of him coming to Singapore is that, he's here to learn ENGLISH. Like wth. Theres the even more shocking news. His private English tutor is a Phillipino. =x! I'm speechless. Nevertheless, there were quite a few of us who went. Lets see, Me, my sis, my bro, my mom, my dad, my cousin, her boyfriend, Elaine jie, her husband, three of my uncles, uncle Tan, Elsie auntie and her husband, uncle Peter and his wife and yah, this one other guy i don't know.

Most of the bbq-ing were done by my Cousin's bf, Xavier! and Elaine jie's husband, Ezekiel. Both are guys, yes. =p OMG, Eze can really COOK! He prepared a pot of sharks fin soup, and cooked a wok of fried rice! That pot of sharks fin soup is heavenly! We started eating at 7, and i ran off for tv at 9. Haha! Soon enough, my cousin and xavi joined me with my sis and bro in the living room, while the others were still nibbling on the mountain of foods.

We were getting bored, until my cousin suggested making waffles for the ice cream as deserts. =)) We got down to work pretty fast. She toasted the waffle, i scooped the ice cream, xavi spreaded honey and sis served them. Great co-ordination yes? Halfway on our deserts, Uncle Peter started strumming away on his beloved guitar. It was so romantic! That was about 10 plus, close to 11 pm, and there he was strumming and singing sentimental songs to everyone under the soft moonlight. I took a video of him, but ARGH, my cam is not with me at the moment. There was this time where most of us went wild. He played 'Go West' and started singing loudly, "Bamm.. bamm bammba! bamm.. bamm bamba!..." Then they started dancing to the music. lol.

Oh well, the few of us went back to the living room and entertained ourselves with poker cards, since there isn't any nice show on air. We played bridge, heart attack, snap, speed and big two. LOL, that night/morning was so damn freaking fun. I won't elaborate, cause it's way too long. And i found out that xavi gets stressed up very easily when playing game on his hp! HA HA HA HA HA..

We went back at around two in the morning. =x. Thank god, i was only to meet ST at 4.30. But before that, i went to NP to meet des. haha, thanks for the little thing. How did you know i wanted that! o.O Such a squishy little piggy! =) I'm definitely bringing that with me to Aussie! Anw, met ST and coincidentely met Terry, Koonie and Ganther. There were indeed a lot of zhonghuarians there, like Ulric, Timo, beatrice and etc. The concert songs were nice! Met Mrs Ngiam, regi and ching too! And i forgot to mention, Edward and Kai Wen too! Stupid Eddy, called and put down! ARBISH.

Eddy, Kai Wen, ST and me went over to have dinner before heading home. Wah kaoz, i think Eddy is bound to get his revenge on me huh! Keep suaning me! =S Then ST left, which left only Edward, KW and me. The train is packed with a hell load of people. We were packed like tins of sardine fish! Hey, we saw this happening for real at Dohby Gauht MRT ; a guy kneeling down on his knees, crying infront of his girlfriend i suppose. We purposely miss the train to catch more juicy details of the 'show'. haha! We decided to stop evesdropping and turned our attention to our reflections on the MRT train door. Eddy was in yellow, KW was in blue, and i was in purple. So colourful!

We were talking about a lot of things, about certain people and stuff. And of course, i never stopped suaning Eddy about the incident he was so embarrased of! HEE. Since he's comp is down, he'll never read this post, so it's okay for me to mention it right here! =)

CONCLUSION for the day.
i bought ..

. a white ripple flip flops
. a black ripple flip flops
. a white heels
. a purple/pink laced slipper
. a milkish watch
. a pink/white watch
. a silver watch
. a half body length necklace
. a choker
. a ring
. a purple velvet bag
. a teal handbag
. a white spag top
. a 3/4 khaki jeans
. a black razor tee
. a orange/brown tinted spectacles

Okay, that's the shopped list in these three days. =) It's time for me to hit the sack.

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