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Saturday, January 28, 2006
I'm not blogging ! oh wow ! okay, many events took place, many things happened. I shant go into details, cause if i do, i won't be sleeping until three in the morning.

Yesterday was daddy's company Annual Dinner. It wasn't easy for him and his brothers to entertain ALL the tables, cause there were all together 60 odd tables, and each was sitted ten person. So in the end, he was very drunk! But i had lots of fun yes? Shall upload the photos some time later.

Met the class today in zhss. The concert was crap. A waste of time. The whole gang of us, together with Mrs Ngiam and Mr Koh, went down to Marina Square for lunch, at Sakae. We planned to dine in Seoul, but apparently, there were no spaces left for 20 odd people. So.. yeah

Again, i will post the photos up real soon. I hope! =p

And lastly, YES! as much as i would love to say, i enjoyed the conversation too! =) With _____. Fill in the blank yourself. haha. I hope this will be the case for everyone i shall know in time to come! So exciting!


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