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Sunday, January 08, 2006
My feet/toes/heel hurts from all the walking today! I don't think i had the chance to sit for more than 15 minutes. Today, or rather yesterday was the CCA Orientation in zhonghua. I couldn't see much zest in the students when they were watching the concert. I wasn't even entertained by the performing groups. sigh.

Siew Ting, Belinda, Regina, Yi Ching, Valerie, Jean, Delin, Sally, Mao Ying, Yi Teng, Jia Ci, Hek Ming, Hong Kit, Henrietta, Edward, Joseph and i'm not sure who else came back though. We strolled in as one whole big group and went to support Ngiam Ngiam immediately. LOL. She's playing on the piano for the choir.

After the concert, we went separate ways to our individual CCA booths. It wasn't really interesting, not at all. I just practically wasted half of the time trying to squeeze thru the crowd, because i'm small. Yes, i know that. But nevertheless, can u believe i actually made new friends in this orientation? like laugh out loud please! People i don't know started asking me, "hello! where are you now?" Can you imagine how freaked out i was?

We had to wait for Regina, MR ONG HEK MING and Edward for so long! Went off for lunch at S11 and boy, a Big reunion luncheon! haha. A pity Val and Jean left first, because they got sick of waiting. Right v0sh? Then, we headed to Marina Square for somemore activities, since it was still early. Wanted to bowl at first, but there were too little lanes, and ironically floods of people queuing up to get nothing. So, we left and went pool-ling. heee!

Oh yaa! I forgot to announce that i almost got killed by EDWARD and HHK! rahhhh! I just told them a simple joke, and they got tricked by my incredible details of the joke. How funny! They got so worked up that both of them took turns to strangle me! As in, literally strangling me! HHK wasn't that mean, but Edward strangled me with his arms. And do you know how muscular his arms are! o.O

HHK ; "I can't believe i fell for your joke!! ahhhhh!!"
Edward ; "Tt MRT joke was enough to last me one week. Tolong Tolong... I'll be feeling so stupid fer the next wk liao. But aft that, u're so dead."

I copied and pasted the SMS directly. haha. Oh no~ I am so super dead. But i still love my joke very much! It's so worth it to be strangled because i tricked them already! ha ha ha! =)

Okay, so we were pooling. Yeah, it was rather fun. I realised HHK cannot hit near shots. He really Suck at that. SiewTing improves fast!, under my training. ;) Edward's shots can be super tyco! =P HekMing is so gentle when it comes to pool. Lol. Regina is always laughing away. =x SO NOISY! hee. Henrietta is improving too~ Joseph? nothing observed. =\ We had fun!

Visited the Arcade later on. Played for a while and left for home. HekMing and Hen were super tired. Me too! The blisters are getting worse. Yah, then Home Sweet Home.

Once again, i see it happening, because i failed to erase the memories.

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