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Monday, February 06, 2006
A day out with MY Incredible Gang! =)
5th Feb, Sunday, Pasir Ris Park.

Eddy act cute!

HHK and Me. The Black Vs. The White


On the way home

Sry la, i loveee beaches!

Grp photo w/o Regi, Joseph, Hek Ming, Hen an Lulu.

Colleen with Ed's hat

Siew hoon and Yiching!

Yu Ting and Titanic.

Edward trying on the hurdle!

Playing catching in the mini web

Lol, the two superman

Edward the monkey!


At the top already!

Halfway through the spider web.

Ching piggyback me!

OMG, what are those! =p

Hong Kit doing handstand

i know right, retards.

Oreo and Regi

The big red ship!

Edward,"pls give me some food!" :P

Yu Ting, so lonely...

AWW! they're selling my butt!

Edward's latest piercing.

Our footings.

Hek Ming and his wushu.

The thousand hand girls.


Do Re Mi Fa So La

Look carefully, it's a dead fish head.

Random shot

Am i cool or what!

Look! The flower, and the leaves!

Regi, Hen and Siew hoon!


Colleen, Me, Regi. The wind is BIGG

This is really retarded !

They're actually trying to kill a spider.

Siew Hoon with Yu Ting and Joseph at the back

Hek Ming, Hong Kit, Henrietta

The food.

Regi, her sausage and Colleen!

Hek Ming.

Yi Ching and Me. Look at the height difference!

Yeah, i guess i had a really great time with them! I will miss them SO much! We finally settled down at Pasir Ris Park at abt 2. Snacked, talked, laughed, crapped. Went down to the beach with a few of them to get our feet soaked in water. But, only to find out that there is a dead fish head floating on water. =/ It was gross okay! EWW!

We got bored, and decided to pose and take silly photos like those you've seen above. Haha, the indian style. After which, we separated ourselves to different areas of the park. Joseph and Regina went romancing down the beach, Siew Hoon, Yu Ting and Yi Ching were at the same spot talking whilst Edward, Hong Kit, Colleen and Me raced to the playground! =)) It's childhood time!

All four of us climbed the spiderweb, all the way to the top. Aren't we good eh? LOL. Hong Kit was my hired photographer at that time. We came down shortly after and went for a swing. DAMN funny kay! Hong Kit don't know how to play on a swing! hahaha. It's been ages since i last sat on a swing. =/ But yeah, we had fun!!

There was this malay guy who came sitting on the swing next to me, and started talking to me like he knew me very well. "How to swing ah? i don't know leh" I replied, "Just use ur toes to push la! Very easy one!". "ohh, like that uh? Then can stand on top to swing a not?". "Can, but if you fall, not my problem ah.." HAHHAHA, then his friends were there laughing, just like me!

Edward suggested playing the miniweb, so we went and played catching instead. Sorry lah, but i think we seriously need to relieve our childhood! This game is freaking retarded though. The guys are simply too fast too furious! I think i will have the need to train harder! =)


After much playing, i hitched a ride from YiChing's brother and reached home super early like say, 6.30 pm. Eww! So early! Overall, yah, i had a really fun day today! Thanks folks! =)) BUT, will you people stop saying i'm a rug rat! 'Small' is bad enough as it is! Now edward has to come up with a new term! ARGH. Then Mr Pan Zheng Yan came up with another term! Can you believe how juniors now bully their seniors! Oh man!

I've finally met everyone whom i want to meet before i leave! I can't believe it's just ONE day away before i fly to Australia. Excited, yet sigh. I hope i won't be friend-sick. I think i'll cry my way from Singapore to Melbourne. I think i'll miss each and every one of them. Time waits for no man!

I am pooped!

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