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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Enjoy the photos yeah? It was taken last Sunday where we had our second attempt cooking dinner. But, steamboat this time round. Sounds cool eay? =) I tell you, the whole process was a disaster, though the food was damn nice. HAHA. We took some really dumb videos too, but i can only upload it when this freaking internet connection is faster. =(

Anw, I feel like a mugger now. I feel as though i'm a freak. I feel so kiasu. Why am i so into studying now? OMG, back in Singapore, i would find means and ways to excuse myself from studying. BUT here, i'm so motivated to study whenever free. HAHA. Laugh all you want. NOT LIKE NICHOLAS TEO WEI QIANG. ALWAYS NVR STUDY.. GO SING SONG ASO NVR CALL ME ALONG. HMPH ! ( I KNOW U WILL START SPAMING MY BOARD NOW )

Came back from jogging, feeling refreshed yet shagged at the same time. Some retards used twigs to throw my leg whilst i was jogging. Freaking stupid. Argh, whatever.

Anw, accounts lecture today was fun. Went to Smith Street to shop again with the rest yes? This time, i controlled myself and only bought a roxy top. Way to go ! I bought it for a purpose okay, so that i can wear it to the beach on saturday. Ash bought the black one, i bought the white one, and dee have the pink one! And yes, by now, you shld have guessed as much that i bought a beach wear duh. =/

I'm pooped. I'll probably have photos to upload again tmr though. =)) Till then, take care !

My son wet his pants ! HAHA, kidding.

Ash and Me

- I made Kenneth choke on pepper,
- and now he's cooling his nose with COLD COKE.

That's Me in Nic's Lab Coat and his Jacket inside !





Sorry lah, i was asked to pose and laugh at dense NIC

Lala and Jason

Men doing all the housework

Act GAY !

THe living room


I dunno what are they trying to do..


PJ cutting erh, garlic?

PJ the 'Ninja'

Chris cooking

Dee trying to act pro by cutting fast


A fight with Dee!

Dumb lah

Me acting depressed. HAHA !

Zhi zhi and her spastic face.

Watch it man !

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