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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Hail everyone! Since i'm back from camp today, i shall do some updating. ( BTW, THE DATE IS SHOWN AS 21st FEB CAUSE I SAVED IT AS DRAFT BEFORE I LEFT FOR CAMP. SO IT'S CURRENTLY 24th FEB ) Haha. RAWSON CAMP rocks dude ! Click on the sites to watch the dumb videos we took yeah?

Monday, 21st Feb, was a super long day, packed with lectures and camp briefing. We had a long break in between the time slots, and so we went to the FILA WAREHOUSE and shopped like crazy. OMG, it's SO cheap alrights! I bought this Fila jacket for only $20 when the original price was $70. Bought another pull over for $20 when original price was $60. Bought 2 other tops for $10 each when original price was $30! HAHAHA. Went home for lunch, then returned back to school again.

Went back home at around 6, and slacked at YJ's room until 7.45 pm yes? The dinner was simply too inviting. LOL. After dinner, Mike, PJ, Kenneth, YiJun, Sanny, Nick, Chris and Me walked to Safeway to purchase wanted stuffs, before heading to dorm 7 to watch - YOU'VE GOT SERVED. Damn nice show. =) Since it was still early after the movie ended, we went up to Nick's room and OMG, we played and laughed like MAD. They took so many photos of me acting retarded. =/ I WAS TOLD TO DO SO OKAY. haha. Then we started having a match in Solitaire and obviously i won against Kenneth. =) We were really dense enough to have a match in Pinball lah. PJ and I versus Kenneth and YiJun. DUMB lah, but it was super funny ! LOL. After which, we took lots of retarded photos like the ones you see below.

OMG, camp was like shit, except for the BUSH DANCE and LOW ROPES !! YAAYY! Nick and I were SO freaking HIGH that night. The both of us just kept dancing and dancing and dancing can ! Andrew got tired after 2 hours. Kenneth lost his voice soon after, YiJun fell down, Chris went back to his dorm and left us dancing the whole night long. Haha. Damn fun lah. We learnt scottish, gipsy, italian, australian folk dance and many more! To have to partner Kenneth is SOOO dangerous! He spun me round and round so HARD that it left me spinning ON THE FLOOR. =/ Wah, that night was seriously my best night. People here are much more open minded than Singaporeans. When it comes to camp dancing, and when it involves couple dance, omg, the difference is so great. We all had to change partners every dance! omg.

Actually Low Ropes weren't that fun. But it was fun cause _________________. Fill in yourself. Haha. OMG, ***'s in my group and *** is SOOOOO **** ! Haha. Sorry, i think i'm crazy and getting a little too high after the bush dance. Lalala...

So, today, 24th Feb, we returned from camp. I'm so pooped. My back is aching like whatever. I'm losing my voice very soon. I'm falling sick even sooner than you can imagine. =/ Sheesh ! Off u go to enjoy photos while i go dream abt my *** ! WHEEEE !


Rawson Campers lying on the soccer net, gazing at the sky full of stars !

Our cabin.

Our cabin toilets.

The lecture hall.

Michael and YiJun acting dumb.

Us doing Saturday Night Fever.

- I'm being kissed by Sanny!
- Having a flower fight with PJ!


Below ( left to right ) : Kenneth, YiJun.
Middle ( left to right ) : Chris, Sanny, Me, PJ
Back ( left to right ) : Mike, Nick

Figure it out youself.

Scary eh?

PJ and the flower. I made him that appearance! =P

That's me acting retarded. WHAT ! i'm just obeying their orders.

My Son and his little red plushie !

Me, Chris, Sanny - Dancing Sat night Fever. HAHA

Kenneth insisted on joining in.. So here it is!

Watch it !

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