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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Thanks guys! You people made my day, really. Well, what can i say other than the fact that you all were sweet, nice and everything else! I'm seriously touched okay! Hazel ! you weren't a bad planner, i did enjoy myself today, get to see you guys one last time, and even made new friends! It was awesome okay! =))

I was dragged out of bed by my sis this morning, to bring her to Health Promotion Board for spinal check up. Wth, i slept late last night, and had to wake up super early today. sigh. Anw, we settled everything and headed over to PS for a short while before returning home.

Then, i rushed home, went to check out my new laptop and printer, and off i go!, to meet the guys. Li Jian, Nicholas Lim, Ji Xian, Nicole, Hazel, Xiang Feng, Audrey, Nicholas Kwok, Fang Shuai and another unknown guy. =P Dined at Pastamania for dinner, and had to listen to Xf with all her so called 'funny' jokes. Haha, but yah, it was kind of fun though.

We headed over for lots of photoshot. Damn, the situation was so funny. So many people squeezing into one pathetic small cubicle. BUT, it was freaking hilarious can! We printed out the natural shots though, considering that it'll be really amusing! And yes, it was entertaining. I was in different faces, expressions, actions and position for every shot! =x

Stopped by the arcade to relieve ourselves. Walked around PS but there were not many shops available cause it was kinda late already. So, we decided to head home. We parted into two groups and left after all the hugging and missing. =/

Nicholas Kwok is a real joker! He wasn't this talkative back then in primary school! I wonder what changed him during these four years. Hmmm. His friends can be really lame, perhaps as lame as me. The train we took terminated at AMK cause it seems to have encountered some problems since the train stopped every other min when we were riding towards AMK. So, Li Jian and me had to wait for another train while the others alighted at AMK. But they were nice enough to wait the train with us! Gave my last goodbye to Nicole, Nicholas, Fang Shuai and the unknown guy. =P It was nice knowing you guys!

Omg, and now, here i am, so tired, and still trying to fufil Hazel's request. YAWN. Thank god i'm only going out in the afternoon tomorrow. I shall look forward to it yes?

Yes yes, i know, i have a lot of photos to upload, but i am so lazy to do so. =/ Perhaps i'll just keep it for remembrance yah. Till the next time, good night!

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