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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Oh wow ! I hadn't had such a superb Valentines day in my entire life ! yeah, so it was like i woke up, ate breakfast, went to SafeWay with YiJun, Vanessa and Zhi Min, then came back and went to town with YiJun and Zhi Min. We were like walking around aimlessly, window shopping, popped by a few bookstores and bought several books. =)) Trust me, those are second hand books, but are in really good conditions and it only cost $9 !

Took a tram back to Palmerston and off i go for a run with YiJun. Although it's hot out there, but there's wind. So yeah, it's kind of like cooling ! We ran, did sit ups, push ups, skipping, crunches and jumping jets. Gosh, i bet these can at least kill some calories! Urgh. This shall be our daily routine! Oh yeah, and this is really important!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YIJUN !! =))))))))))))))))))))))))

We bought DVDs while in town today, and came back watching one of them after dinner with the guys. Haha, horror movie though. But before that, we were playing on cards, be it poker cards or UNO. LOL, OMG, i tell u, Kenneth is SO freaking funny! He's been losing and drinking lots of water as a forfeit. Haha, we cldn't stop laughing!

The show was nice! But not with the girls screaming la. Zhi Min has a faint heart ! =P Kenneth got scared by me when i came down from YiJun's room! HAHAHAHA. He gave us all a shock when he suddenly went.. "BOOO!" Furthermore, the lights were out. Can you imagine?! But yeah, we had fun till.. was it 11 plus?

Anw, the girls went up to YiJun's room and did the usual talking and all. It's nice to know all of them personally! Pretty close with Zhi Min and Yi Jun already, and others like Jacklyn, Ashley, Diana and Victoria. Cool ! I think we're having another get together session tmr! is it tmr? yeah, i think so! i can't wait !

I'm enjoying life. eay.

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