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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Okay! now, for some photos update before i get lazy again. =)

The railway trams.

Does the logo look kind of familiar? Yeah, They call it Hungry Jacks instead of Burger King.

A really BIG cat we saw at the bkstore.

University of Melb. =))

RMIT - Royal Melbourne Information Technology Uni.

The truckloads of goods we bought.

The tram ticket machine.

Palmerston House, My dorms

The Kitchen.

Our Cupboards.

Yi Ching's side.

My Orangey bed.

We're roomies !

OMG, today was a total blast! I pigged out till pretty late in the morning, cause i slept late the previous night duh. I was awaken by the loud thuds i hear from upstairs, coming from downstairs, cause my housemates just moved in a few hrs ago! How cool is that !

So that made up dorm 5, which is my unit no. with Me, Yi Ching, Yi Lyn, Dawn, Rachel and another girl with a name i found it hard to pronounce. =/ I think my unit has the fewest people. Well yeah, cause my unit has more single rooms. Oh well..

Dorm 3 is fully occupied. How i envy them!! I mean, i'm almost close to knowing them all you know! I've been hanging out with Zhi Min these few days here in Melb, and just got to know Jacqueline, YiJun, Victoria, Vanassa and Ashley! Their dorm rocks ! =)) They're cool people yea.

A whole big group of us walked to Trinity College tgt, and roamed around the school. Few of us didn't follow them to shop cause we've already done most of our shopping. So, we went to look for books in the University of Melbourne. Oh boy, there's this family who followed behind us cause they thought we were going to the bank. =/ Do we look like we're very familiar with the place? haha. Bought my HOI ( History Of Ideas ) txt bk for like say, $104? Dang.

Took a tram back to Palmerston with Zhi Min and slacked till dinner time, where i got to know most of them. Today's dinner was nice yeah. Then the whole of Dorm 3 came over to catch a home movie downstairs. Cool! They're really nice people eh? I think we can click almost immediately! Aww, that's great !

Wow, i'm finally blogging. Paul-Jon and Justin must be on their way here from Singapore. PJ's arriving to Palmerston tmr, and i certainly hope i don't get awakened by the noises agn, cause i really need my beauty sleep! LOL. Anw, it's exciting to know more people are coming and that Palmerston is getting really livelier! I can't wait.

It's Valentine's day already. Well yeah, according to the time in Melbourne right? It's 12:19 AM at the moment. So i suppose i'll wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day ! =) May all lovers be sweet as ever, and friends forever! Okok, that's so dumb, i know.

Gosh, my eyelids are heavy. So unlike me yes? Haha, I guess i need to catch some sleep now, if not i won't be able to wake up on time tomorrow! Or else Zhi Min's sooo gonna kill me!! =P Alrights, i gtg. Ciao!

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