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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Suddenly, i have so much to say. So much so that i don't know where to start from. I miss my family, my friends, my cousins, my dog, my bed, my toilet, my soft toys, my room. Sigh, in a few hours time, i'll leave my house, and off i go to Melbourne for at least a year. =(

I have so many people i wanna thank. But if i am going to type it all out, i think it will take me ages to finish thanking them. Cause at this moment, it's one to eight and more people on msn. So i don't think i can finish this post in.. let's say, half an hour! No way!

I'm so touched, really, i am. Friends coming up to tell me they're sending me off, friends who mesaage me to ask me to take care, friends who email me words of concern, friends who sent me letters or even simply wish me bon voyage over MSN.

Now i think friends really do play a huge role in my life! Even friends whom i only know for say five hours(?) can say, "eh, i i hope i can go send you off!!" =/ NOTE, i only knew him for FIVE hours! Sigh, i'm at a loss of words.

Regina, Colleen, Michelle, Mrs Ngiam, Mrs Yang, Joseph, Hong Kit, Andrew, Nura, Alex, Nicole, Carena, Hazel, Xiang Feng, Keith, Jin Hong, Tricia, Raymond, Gaffar, Terry, Li Jian, Nicholas, Chaplin, Terence, Mitchell, Sharon, Wei Ting, Jia Ling, Ben, Bao Xian, Jason Koh, Jason, John, Jun Zhang, Ming Yang, Cindy, Queena, Zhong Ming, Shao Zhi, Mark, Felicia, Nicholas, Fang Shuai, Soon Wee, Suzanne, Charlotte and err, did i miss anyone? I hope not !

Okok, i don't think i can continue any further. I'm getting too many responses in MSN. =/ I'll probably blog tmr morning perhaps? =)

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