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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
Ash and Me with ties !

Self - portrait. LOL

OMG omg, it's such a great day today man ! It's not once i saw, not trice, but four times in a day. How wonderful can it get, seriously? I am so freaking happy ! =)) Will this be happening every monday? Well well, i hope so, cause it definitely keeps my spirits high ! Oh ~ Best thing ever, i think tomorrow, there'll be another chance i'll happen to steal a glance like again!

Okay, so, today's the first day in school. Tell me about it right, we're suppose to sulk and whine cause there's school, but NO, it was definitely fun. I only had two periods today, and that ended my day with Math tute. Wanted to crash Chem lecture, but nah, decided to pop by Safeway and Ototo Sushi with Vanvan ! =) Came home pretty early, and so we bonded and slept quite a while before heading for dinner and wait for the rest to come back home.

THERE, Nick just injured my fingers again. Like AGAIN. This is the third injured finger. I wonder which one will be next. See the Red plaster??


Started doing my Math tute work, and then i was treated like a princess. =) Nicc, Chris and I were given a different hairstyle. I quite like it though. =) Hmm, watched Farenheit 451 next, but it was damn boring okay. I ended falling asleep. =/ Hah. Then here i am, blogging.

I cant wait for tmr morning !

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