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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Grp photo.

Beware of Chris !

Van and YJ

We rock !

Ash and me

Nick TRYING VEH HARD to build a sandcastle.

Our bags.


US !


Kenneth = -.-

Jacq, YJ, Ash, Zhi

Van, Jason !

Chris talking to err...

Van, Ash, Zhi, Jacq, YJ

Dee and Zhi !

Mike and Dee. So swt yea?


The guys tanning.

Look at Ken's body.



Part of the girls tanning.

Now, that's us !

Sry, i dunno what' i'm trying to take.

Zhi acting retarded.

Look at Zhi !

Ash and Me !!



Jason and Van van

Chris, " Am i fat? " Now, u can answer that urself.

Crowd crowd !

St Kilda's beach.


Mike and Van


See whr Van's touching Nick !


Watch it !

OMG, blasting beaching day on SATURDAY ! I'm so going to get sun burns really soon. And no, it's not on the face, neither is it on my hands. THE WORST PART U CAN HAVE IT IS ON YOUR CHEST !! The outline of my bikini is imprinted on my skin ! LIKE YUCK okay. It seriously hurts a lot/i think i might have trouble sleeping tonight. =(

Okay, so anyway, we went to St Kilda's Beach since the weather did not disappoint us. Don't feel like elaborating much, cause if i do, hmm, it probably take me hours. In short, i was the first to get all wet ( thanks to kenneth ), i've got the stupid sum burns, my face and legs are red hot, my eyes are tired.

I can't wait to get home and take a cold shower then. Yah, of course i did right? Helped Jacq to check see who's in the same tutorials in EAP as her, and boy, we saw lots of ah bui !! =P Only Nick understands though. Hah, nvm. Went for dinner after that, and started mugging with Jacq, Nic, PJ and Mike. I did quite a bit for math before heading for Safeway to stock up my chips and milk. I was so happy i went !! =))) Don't ask why, i'm just happy. Never did i expect that to happen, but it did.

LOL, rented three dvds and off we went home to start movie-ing. But before that, we helped to clear the guys' disgusting refrigerator. A few of us were watching this horror movie, which really is horror cause it's damn gross. I wonder if they'll rate it High Level Violence. Zhi stopped watching halfway, cause she was totally disgusted by the scenes. Well, i was a little freaked out too, but i didn't dare to scream. HAHA. Like whatever. I just grab on anything that is available on my hands. =)

YAWN, i'm damn tired right now. I need my beauty sleep. Good Night people.

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