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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
I better update now when the internet connection is still doing fine. Haha. Back from school feeling pretty energetic, cause i only had two classes today. (: Drama, as usual was damn fun ! We acted a mime, and a short play and it sort of bonded us tgt rather nicely. We played games, and in this particular game, i embarassed myself can ! I freaking bumped into Gavin and omg, like wth?

Anw, After drama, i went home and slept till lunch time. Pretty good weather to sleep in today yeah? I wouldn't have waken up on time if not for Van ! HAHA. So yupp, off i go for my last tutorial of the day - Psychology. Nothing much special actually. I'm just blogging for the sake of blogging. hah.

The Commonwealth Games officially starts today ! Prolly going to watch the opening ceremony in Yarra today. But, well, see how first though, although it's a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing. We'll see..

Hmm, OH YAH ! i was talking to MINIIIIIIEEEE just now !! ((: I haven't talked to him for like say 1 mth! Freaking long lah ! He got posted to SAJC. Not bad huh dude, rock on ! I MISS YOUUUUU !! Remember to call me often okay ! And play me nice songs on the guitar ! ((:

Alrights, now i'm stuck at what else more to say. LOL. Still waiting for Andrew to send me the photos and videos, so that i can post it online. Till then, take care people ! I'll be back !

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