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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
I shall take the chance to update while the internet is up. (: Oh well, the internet is always down, and especially in my block. I know right, it suck. But, ahh, nvm !

Had a fully packed day today. HOI tute was like how fun can. We debated against each other again ! LOL. This week's topic was on the different ways of ruling. EG, Democracy, Aristocracy, The Best Man, Tyrancy and Oligarchy. Gosh, the debate was damn fun ! Double joy if that includes our tute mentor ! haha.

EAP wasn't exactly THAT fun, but at least we watched 'The Simpsons' and okay, it wasn't that bad i guess. GEEE. At least it's way better than lessons back in Singapore, like MUCH MORE interesting. Generally, yes. (:

Had psychology lecture after lunch, and boy, it was damn interesting ! (((: Neuropsychology! I'm loving it. HAha. ( NINI'S PEEPING ! I KNOW ! TSK ! =P )

Last period of the day - Accounting ! Like OHHH MY GOD ! I was so freaking lost ! I don't understand a single thing about what Felipe said ! Lucky Sherman was there to explain like everything. ahahahah. I better go revise my debit and credit man ! ARGH.

Went to Sam's place for dinner, tgt with Lala, Jason and Graham. LOL, damn funny experience lah. First time i see guys cook steak. hahaa. But oh well, it turned out well though. Had a typical America kind-of dinner. We were bullshitting about shit the whole time! That is like SO random! But yah, we crapped a lot.

Left his place at around 8 plus, and Graham walked me back to college square. He was nice enough to wait with me, before nini/mimi came! ((: Thanks dude ! AND YAH LAH, thank you NICK aka NINI to come pick me up from college square lah can ! DON'T SAY I NVR thank you hor ! and MIKE toooo ! :) Went to have gelato before going to Safeway. Bought this REALLY cute plaster! (((:

Okay, i've got nothing else to blog about already. Till then, take care ! (:

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