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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
I'm updating ! I'm updating ! =) Second day of school. It can't get any better as i expected, cause i had one full day of lectures + tutes. But, morning was fine though, cause.. cause.. =)) Well, at least i had a glance from my tute room like twice ! The distance between us were that close, and i almost didn't want to leave. =/

Anyway, had HOI tute for the first lesson this morning, and EAP the second. I was so lost when looking for the venue at Royal Parade Road. Thank god there was this guy who is as blur as me. Haha! Hizwan, that is. EAP was fun actually, got to know lots of friends and guess what? i was the only Singaporean in a class of 12. How funny is that.

Quick bite at dominoes for lunch, and headed back to Swanston St for Psychology lecture. I almost fell asleep, but i didn't of course. Walked over to Lincoln Square North for my last tute for the day with Mike ! Had accounts, and boy, Felipe was nice enough to release us 15 mins early! Btw, in Australia, the teachers are prefered to be called by their first names, and not Miss/Mr/Mrs ______ ! That's so cool, ain't it?

Met the others to print out lecture notes before heading home. Since we took quite a while to finish printing for everyone, we missed dinner time. So, Dee and Zhi went home to eat cup noodles whilst Nick and I cooked/came up with another type of porridge. Jacq said it was nice, Mike said it was nice, even Chris said it was nice ! We're so proud of ourselves right Nick?? =)))

After dinner, went to Safeway with Nick and stocked up our milk/tidbits supply. Haha. AND I FORGOT TO RETURN THE BLOODY DVD THAT IS DUE TODAY. SHIT. whatever! I'll return it tmr then. Oh yeah, we came back at abt 10:30 and started doing homework till 12 okay! Like how goody we are. (;

I'm so tired now. YAWN,

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