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Saturday, April 01, 2006
Okay, i'm back to blog for the sake of NICOLE KWOK JIAWEN,! Are you touched ? LOL

Basically, nic is jealous cause i didn't mention her name in my previous post! =P


Boredom can be a very dangerous thing. says:
u luck u put my name in ur blog!!!
muhahaha otherwise....

Boredom can be a very dangerous thing. says:

Boredom can be a very dangerous thing. says:
but u nvr write for me!!

Boredom can be a very dangerous thing. says:

.TINGlove. when you let me believe once more, says:
LOL ! i'm writing it NOW NOW !! u and hazel!


NICOLE! the longest buddy i've ever known in secondary school. My SIX years friend since primary school! Remember how we used to sit by the side of the class and talk like nobody's business? I still remember you guys walking over to my house in the dark! EHEH! stop saying you grew fatter can! You did not! You're like how skinny man! OHH! I still have the black notebook we bought tgt! ((((: Want to talk to you also SOOO difficult! Have skype, but no microphone. EEYYRR! How am i supposed to call and talk to you ?! ): You lazybum! Never attach your webcam! GRRR ! I miss the days when we used to chill out in Mac and Sakae after school !! We were so crazy back then! All we do is laugh! LOL. I can't wait to return back to Singapore and meet you guys again! I know you can't wait for me to be back too, cause i have all your requests! =P Till then, TAKE CARE ya? We'll webcam/talk soon!! I MISSSS YOUUUUUUUU !

HAZEL ! stupid HAZEL LOH SHU HUA ! say i always never reply when u talk to me. Now you leave the conversation after only 10 minutes of chat! You win already lah! I haven't had the chance to talk to you! I rmbed you were so sweet and nice on the day we went out just days before i left. ))): Really man, i'll never EVER forget you! Cause we have such similar characters! Back then, we used to just talk freely in the canteen! Haha, still remember the Sec 2 incident? Where we happen to think alike, and have a crush on seniors in the same clique? That's SO us! I also rmb how you felt so secured sleeping with me during our sleepovers! =P AND AND, how we stayed up late at night to see my baby photos while the other girls are sleeping like pigs! AND AND AND, the beach, the beach! We carved our names on the rocks! I wonder if it's still there! Oh well, i have so much to say, so limited time, so yeah, the others are well kept in my heart! (:


Phew, nic made me type so much! You better feel touched! haha. Oh and btw, nic = Nicole, not Nicholas ( Nini ).! Anw, i just came back from cellgroup. Fun fun fun! The food was heavenly! Yummy yum yum! Miss Swan made my day today. LOL, i had enough of her man. Make me laugh like crazy. But thanks to her, i get entertainment throughout the entire day today.

It's SO cold. AUTUMN'S HERE ALREADY ! YAY! It's only 12 degrees outside now, and i'm freezing in my room. I can't imagine how am i going to wake up at 8 tomorrow morning. I'll prolly drag my ass outta my bed. haha. The weather is so nice! ((:

Did i mention i don't like ZHI? HMPH! I LOVE DEEE more! ((:

Alrights, i'm off to bed. Happy April Fool's day by the way.

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