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Monday, March 27, 2006
Okay, so, i stayed home the whole day yesterday to finish up all my homework and revise for the term exams. Can i get more nerdy than that? Tell me about it. The temperature came up to 30 degrees and it's freaking hot in my room. I was struggling to keep myself cool and all, but yeah, it just failed.

Something interesting happened last night though. LOL. I think the passersby think that we're some wierd bunch of people. The whole process was just hilarious lah, ask me about it, I'll tell you. Poor Kenneth! We ended up in Safeway only at 10. Pretty late huh? oh well.

Daylight savings was suppose to conclude at 2 am yestd. BUT, they pushed it one week back due to the Commonwealth Games. Like wth! I was anticipating it, and then the bad news hit me just minutes after. Worst case of all, i forgot to tune back my clocks and phones! You can imagine how bad it can be right?

I was so late this morning ! Thanks a lot to the false daylight savings. I rushed out of the house and phew, thank god i wasn't THAT late. We took a tram down to hoddle street for this warehouse sale. OMG, they're selling levis/diseal/ck/ etc at a discount of 95%. Drool people, i know you want to. =P Anyway, i bought two tops there and we went seperate ways.

Went to town and met Lala! ((: So we ended up shopping around town tgt! BOY was it fun yes? We shopped till we dropped, from stores to stores! And especially if there's the word - SALES, omg, YES, it's definitely the place we'll want to be. Bought another top and a bottom. I'm so going back there again. (:

so retro huh? Reminds me of NINI! okay, that's beside the point. =P

Lala and ting!

Dinner was on Chris today. THANKS SO MUCH MAN ! It was good, really! Went straight to YJ's room and peeped on the clothes she bought today. LOL, we such great sinners. Okay, then there were fireworks, cause of the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. DAMN PRETTY. I took a video of it in my balcony! ((: Watched the American Pie later in the night and off i go, to bed ! nights people!

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