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Thursday, March 16, 2006
See? I told you i'll be back. Making full use of the time i have left before leaving for school an hour later. Okay, partly because the internet works best when most people are in school, and i am the only few at home. Haha. (:

So, i went for the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony yesterday night. OMG, it was damn nice. The fireworks are awfully beautiful ! OH wow, i used an oxymoron. At least i still rmb what Ms Ow taught me in Literature for the past years. HAHA. Hmm, speaking of which, i seriously think Ms Ow is the BEST LITERATURE teacher! I had a super boring lesson this morning - Lit tute. =/ I could have just died from stoning in there.

Then, my feelings got cheated. Nvm, i'll just skip that part. Anyway, thank god Shin called to kill my boredom while walking home. ((((: I really appreciate that ! And, nice joke you played on me huh. It wasn't funny at all okay! You shall not get away with it. =P

YES ! I've finally motivated myself to stop snacking. I'm on a diet. Haha, but i doubt that will last though, cause there are only two things i can't resist. Nevertheless, at least i did TRY. GEEEE -

Sigh, my most precious/cherished/loved ring has three cuts on it. BOO :(((((((((((((((((((((( I WON'T discard it just because it's spoilt, cause it has pretty much sentimental value in it. I hope she won't scream if i tell her that i broke the ring she gave me. This really suck. Huge sigh.

Did i just side-tracked? Oh gosh, as i was saying, hmm, i went for the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony right. OMG ! (((: We were watching from Yarra River, and all of us cheered when 'Singapore' was announced by the emcee. GO GO SINGAPORE ! The whole place was freaking crowded and many of us got lost here and there. LOL. Oh well, i can't describe how nice it is. I'll post pictures to show, definitely. That's when i've collated all the photos into my thumbdrive !

Me in the blink-blink necklace i bought during the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony!

Look ! a different colour !

Okay, i better get going !

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