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Friday, March 10, 2006
Thanks alot to my palmies, and esp. JACQ, DEE, ZHI, YJ and NICK. Gwen, you're definitely not forgotten too. Though you're far away in Perth now, but i know i can always count on you to pour my troubles to. <3 you truckies!

Okay, perhaps i can try to hide back my feelings, and appear happy. Maybe it'll work? Nevertheless, i'll try. I'll do anything, to forget everything, and start afresh. It's friday again. No school for me today. Well, supposedly there is, but going to those lectures are a waste of time when i've already understood all the mathematical concepts. So, there you go, one full slacking day.

EAP was fun yesterday though. It made me laugh and laugh and do nothing else but laugh. We were splitted into small groups, and thank god i had funky people like Zara and James. We seriously did nothing but laugh. Oh well !

I wouldn't want to say what happened next. Ate late dinner, with cereals. Supposed to study, but apparently i don't have the mood to. So i went to sleep on Nick's bed, and boy, i dreamt about lots of things, mostly memories. That wasn't exactly good uh? Didn't have a good sleep, but i was really touched to see two pieces of toasted bread on my table this morning. MY FAVOURITE BUTTER SUGAR TOAST ! =) thanks guys ! It just brightened up my day. tingxuan wants to thank Mike for poping over this morning too! (:

I think i ought to have a mood switch. But it won't be easy. It'll prolly take me a week or two.

Tell me what to do ?
Tell me what to say .
To hear those things from you,
My heart broke into two.

I don't wish to be reminded of what happened yesterday.
I don't want to harbour any thoughts of you.

I want to live my life free from any other troubles,
I want to be happy like how i used to.


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