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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thanks a lot to those who wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY in a way or another ! And especially to my DEAREST friends in Australia !


And not to forget,

NINI, who wrote me this damn long letter, tried calling me from Singapore but i didn't bring my phone along so i didn't pick up, and wished me happy birthday for SO many times over msn! ((: WIN ALR LOR, not present to celebrate my birthday with me! ):

CHRIS, who wished me happy birthday and gave me a great big hug before he left for Singapore on the 7th! Oh, and thanks for the happy birthday wishes over in msn ! (:

ASH, who wished me happy birthday over msn in CAPITAL LETTERS and allowing me to stay in her room this two weeks! YOU ROCK !

SANNY, who wished me happy birthday over msn, and promised to give me a BIG BIG HUG when she returns next thursday!

LALA, who would always be there for me, and oh gosh, it's hard to express out in words, but yeah, I LOVE HER ! Thanks for everything lala !! ((:

MY SIS, who mailed me my present like a week ago and she drew me this really beautiful birthday card with family messages in it! (:

YICHING, who wished me happy birthday over in msn, and promised to cook me laska when she returns ! HEH !

JOSH, who yah, nvr fails to irritate me whenever he has the chance to do so ! THANKS A LOT DUDE !

and of course, thanks to my friends back in Singapore ! (:

Okay, more update tomorrow.

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