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Thursday, April 13, 2006

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XIANG FENG. Yay! i'm like finally seventeen, and out of zhss. Haha. Thanks for everything ya girl? Wishing me twice is more than enough! I appreciate it a lot! ((: ILU ! <3

ASHIE WASHIE. I'm so honoured that ashie wished me happy birthday all the way from Singapore ! But you weren't here to celebrate it with me. ):

YIJUN. WHEEE ! you're just upstairs and i need to reply you in my blog. nevermind! THANKS TO YOU ! for buying my favourite Tiramisu cake !! It was damn good. tingting is happy that night! Thanks for everything okay!!

NINI. you wish me A LOT of times already lah! Flood my msn! But still, thanks! Sorry i didn't bring my phone with me! ): Thanks for the really long letter okay! tingting is really touched. ! ((: The letter is so funny and it brings back memories of the past few months !


I'm blogging again, cause it's officially break time from puzzle piecing. All four of us are currently taking a break from a whole day's of massive piecing. Haha.

Okay, so apparently i bought this puzzle, and it's damn cool. It's no ordinary puzzle and it costs me quite a lot. SO, at least it gives me motivation to finish up the entire 1000 pieces of TINY LITTLE PUZZLES. But hey, it's damn fun okay! Especially when we're going it in small groups of four. ((:

We spent the whole afternoon/evening/night piecing bits and pieces of the puzzles. Oh, and i only slept at 7 this morning, because i got too addicted to it. haha. In the end, i slept at 7, and woke up at 12:30. Meanwhile, Mike took over and pieced a part of the puzzle. (:

Then, Dee and Kenneth joined in. That makes us the puzzle four ! haha. There were damn funny situations sometimes, and made me laugh till i die. We've got quite good perservearance, i must say! ( EXCEPT for kenneth though. ) I dared him to do 45 minutes of it, and he got annoyed after an hour. LOL. He got SO HAPPY when he finally pieced his FIRST piece. haha.

Yes, it's my birthday today, and although i spent it at home doing puzzles, i love it. Cause i spent it with four people whom accompanied me through today. I LOVE DEE, MIKE, KEKE !

Okay, so what happened last night is this. I was using the computer last night, and suddenly, zhi came in, blindfolded and kidnapped me. I was brought out of the room, the house, and into the dark. We walked to this place, and i was spun quite a few rounds. But after that, i was led to a particular place, and i was unfolded.

OMG! there it is, my name ( TING ) brightly lit with candles on the grass. Instantly, i cried. It was DAMN DAMN DAMN sweet okay! ((: Then they came from behind with my favourite cake and a beautiful birthday song. I cried even more. I can't help it, it's damn sweet. ((:

Thanks to all who gave me birthday hugs! ((:

That's not all though. After the cake, i was blindfolded again and was guided with instructions to the place where they hid my present. Guess what ! I GOT MY FAVOURITE PRESENT AGN ! ((((: First the cake, then the present. How sweet can they be? Very, like totally. I love them all ! I had the best night ever.

Dee, Zhi, Jun, Van, Jacq, Ken, Mike.


Alrights, i'm back to puzzle piecing again. But before that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINGTING ! (:

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