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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

So, i've decided to blog my first post for the day. Haha. If i have the mood, i'll prolly blog again later. Oh well!

You see why i came to blog now? All four of us were so bored that we decided to indulge ourselves in dumb games. We practically rotted our arse off since yesterday. Mike, Kenneth and Dee came over to my room, spent the whole day watching quite a number of movies. Started watching Scary Movie 3 at about 10:30pm. But before that, ken suggested going Safeway to buy chips, and we went.

THEN, we all decided to make our little surrounded cinema. HAHA. I cooked scrambled eggs, Mike cut watermelon, Dee microwaved the hot cross buns and ken fried hash browns! Oh, that's not it though, Dee and I made tea and hot chocolate drinks! Haha. So it's like, we watched the movie on Dee's laptop and all of made comfortable tables and long chairs to sit on. COOL.

Quoted from ken, "Wah, this is damn cool. Next time when we want to watch movie again, we come to your room." HAHA. A pity Jun and Van weren't here!! )):

We turned in at around 3 am, and woke up at different timings this morning. Ken is like HOW PIG lah! He only woke up at 12:30 sharp when lunch is served. TSK. After lunch, all of us started playing stupid games! haha. But it's fun, cause we're all relieving childhood! Okay, whatever. It's back to playing games again! I'm currently hooked on to Cake Mania! WHEE!


i really don't know what to do. How i wish i could do something. sigh.

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