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Monday, April 10, 2006
I am not updating. What's happening! LOL. That is so not me.

Friday, 7th April.
I really can't remember what happened in the morning. Went to learn hip hop dance from mimi in the late afternoon. haha. Rushed home with nini cause i think we're pretty late if we're suppose to reach Crown at 6:30. Anyway, we were late, so, it doesn't really make a difference actually. Nini took SO LONG to dress up! Still have to wash his clothes for him! TSK. I shall just skip the part, cause it'll sound wrong if i blog out loud. HAHA. Met James and the others at 7, catched a movie and went for dinner.

The movie was damn nice and meaningful. The story is based on a literature text i've studied back in Secondary school. So, it makes a lot of sense whilst i was watching it. The ending and basic idea is exactly the same. In case you're wondering what movie is that, 'She's the man' is it. It even took place in Illyria, and there were main characters like Orsino, Olivia, Cesario, Viola, Antonio, Sebestian and i forgot. Aiyah, the whole point is, there are elements of the main themes like disorder and masquerade.

Hmm, we dined at Automatic for dinner and boy, was the iced chocolate fantastic! (((: Ask nini, he'll agree! Dinner was great, and basically the whole day was great. Haha.

Saturday, 8th April
OOHHH! My favourite day of the week! IT'S MASSIVE SHOPPING DAY!! hahaha. We went straight after lunch, and reached DFO at say, around 2:30? Immediately, we splitted up and went accordingly. Jun, Ash and Van. Dee, Sanny, Me. Nini, Kenneth and Mimi. Fun fun fun! Dee and I bought our first piece of clothe in WITCHERY! It's the same top we fell in love with at first sight! HAHA. With the first piece bought, we just kept buying and buying! I think i bought the most at Dottie. OMG, that shop is SO TING. lol. Oh well! Actually, i don't know why, but i suddenly have the fetish for dresses? HEH.

Altogether, we spent 4 hours walking around DFO, and we only combed HALF of ONE building. There were damn a lot of buildings, and each building is like HOW BIG lah. Goodness gracious me! We've only managed to finish HALF of one pathetic building! BUT, i'm quite satified already, knowing that i'm under budget! ((: I shall be back to shop for family and friends in June! YAY. I have to mention this, i'm astounded by the amount KENNETH ONG MING KIAT spent! A total of four hundred bucks. Like people, please faint. Haha. Nini bought almost everything for his brother! Aiyoh. Dee didn't manage to buy her white skirt. ): Sanny bought SO LITTLE! oh well.

The trip back home was damn funny. Our taxi driver is hilarious! NINI haven't send me the video, so i can't upload! I will do it once i get the video, i promise!

Oh, and anyway,

18th years of age. ((:

Sunday, 9th April
Woke up pretty early and made our way to Brunswick Street for lunch and more shopping. Actually, i was feeling quite faint that morning, so i didn't feel like talking and walking much. But, for the sake of Ash and Nini's last day, i thought i would just go. I'm glad i went, cause i didn't want to stay home alone either. Okay, sounds ironic but whatever.

We had lunch at Noodles Palace and the girls went shopping after that. I didn't buy anything though, cause i didn't feel like buying. My headache can just kill me! That's the first time shopping doesn't turn me on. Haha. Felt slightly better in the afternoon though. Thank god. Went home at around 3:30, said our last goodbye to Nini and left for town. Jun and I went to 7 angels and guess what! I bought this HOTPINK dress-like top. Haha. I didn't spend much there. Met Ash, Dee and Mimi after that before heading towards Starbucks for some refreshments! ((:

Had dinner at Nandos, and OMG, the toilet was freaking stinky. EEWW! This is the most happening week ever!

Okay, i think we had too much fun in the last week, so we tuned down a little this week. We did nothing except staying at to rot. Not everyone, but it's still majority of us remaining. Dee, Mimi, Kenneth and I. Pathetic four, but we spent some quiet time together, watching Scary Movie I and II in my room. Oh, and all four of us fell alseep after that. LOL.

Keke's in track now, Mimi went out with drew, ash, jun and van went out for ice cream, leaving dee and i alone in the room. SIGH. Zhi and I were just saying, HOW WE WISHE WE'D AGREED TO GO BACK IN APRIL!! I miss my friends like ALOT!! rahhh. I guess i'll have to bear a little more and wait for another month!

Okay, enough of updating. Bye.

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