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Sunday, April 02, 2006
I blogged.

So don't say i didn't update enough, cause i really don't know what to blog on.

Exams are here, and i'm stressed. It took me two whole days to study JUST mathematics. And guess what? I realised i understand nothing about trigonometry. Okay, maybe parts of trigo. BUT still, that won't help me in the examinations! RAHHH. Can you please tell me how dead i am?

On a brighter note, my exams will end on tuesday. HAHA. After which, i can shop till i drop. I'll need to go purchase goodies for my fellow friends back in Singapore! I'm nice, i know. (: I really can't wait, but, it's tomorrow i fear. What if i don't do well? What if i suffer a brain knockout? What if, what if. Very hypothetical indeed. BUT IT'S TRUE !

KST. shit, now i talk like Nini. That's a really bad thing to know. -.-

My table's in a mess.
Does that indicate that i did study?


Okay, i need to delude myself before i get pre-exams depression.

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