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Thursday, April 20, 2006
I WAS suppose to blog about something that happened just minutes ago, but due to certain circumstances, i've decided not to.

TERENCE LAU TAT LONG aka BIGGIE aka BIKINI, i know what you did though ! uh huh uh huh. I saved your life !

Okay, lol. i know not what to blog for now, but i can say, i'm damn excited about my date with jun tomorrow ! ((: We're going to have the most happening night ever tomorrow right girl ? YAY !

On a heavier note, i've heard of what happened back in zhonghua sec just yesterday. Though i may be ignorant about activities going on in school, but i still care for the welfare of the students ! ( don't puke ! ) Sometimes, we cannot stop things from happening, can we? I felt a tinge of sadness when i first heard of what happened. Tangled emotions, you may say. Sad because it happened, yet not VERY sad because i don't know the victim. But still, i'll pray for him, and hopefully everything will be alright in time to come.

Please be strong, and wake up.

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