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Friday, April 07, 2006
Not in the best mood to blog. Shall just reply tags.

NICOLE! Haha, yah. Good that you know i'm always nice. Those retarded photos are nice okay! LOL. At least it keeps you entertained!

DANA! YAY man. I'll keep you updated on my daily life! But you didn't keep me posted. ): WHAT happened to your blog! ))))):

YIJUN AND ZHI! Today turned out just great, didn't it? (: CHEERS!

BIGGIEEE!! BEE-KI-NEE! haha. I didn't become more banana okay! You look really funny in that photo what! Like you've put on quite a lot of weight! NOT NICE! Hurry go exercise and get back your body!

JOSH! Thanks to you. LOL.

EUNICE! hello! wow, you're fast! LOL. I will, no worries! TAKE CARE ! ((:

Okay, i'm done. I'm sleeping alone, scary, but can i do? The room is so not inviting. )))):

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