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Saturday, April 15, 2006
Okay! i better blog now before i get lazy later on.

Honestly, i can't remember what happened yesterday, except for the fact that the puzzle FOUR completed the WHOLE 1000 piece puzzle. (: HAPPY HAPPY ! I shall take a photo of it soon. This is getting way too exciting. It took us just three full days to complete everything. Haha.

Well, was talking to my primary school friends yesterday night. ( APS ; p5 class ) HAHA. After four freaking years, i finally found DAVID, QINGQING and WEILIANG ! omg. I can still vividly remember the days where we fooled around in weiliang's house !! and how i always shared a locker with qingqing! AWW. those were the days man ! ((:

AND YES, i had a damn good talk with my DEAR XIANG FENG yesterday too ! Called her and omg, we talked for like close to two hours. We can always talk for really long? And boy, was it good ! I felt so much at home whilst talking to her, like the good old days! I still rmb how she used to accompany me home by talking to me on the phone ! rmb rmb xf? heh. I MISS YOU LAH. i miss the days you stayed over, i miss the days in pb with you! Basically, i miss everything !! We shall conference with the other nuts someday soon as well alrights !!

I know NICOLE misses me. (: Don't forget our prata DATE okay!

So, today is damn boring day. Well, that's the case for me. Everyone went out, leaving van and i rotting at home. )))): Thank god zhizhi came back in the afternoon to acc me. YAY ! We're currently starting on another puzzle. Haha. Hopefully that will last us for another three days.

Something really funny happened ! HAHA. Thanks to the super densed zhi. I won't blog about it in case i ruin zhi's reputation. LOL.

aiyah, i've ran out of things to blog. This is getting really random.

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