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Saturday, April 29, 2006
WOW ! four days. amazing.

Okay, maybe it's time for me to get serious in my work. I really want to do well, and i mean it. (:

Recently, i've been in quite a dilemma. I don't know if i should allow myself to sink into that situation again. I am unsure of a lot of things. I need assurance, or more like i feel empty. But whatever, i've decided to heed someone's advice, and just let nature take its course. Perhaps i'll feel better that way.

Hmm, oh well, disregard the unhappy events ! (: I want to be happy everyday ! I'm falling sick. The flu is killing me. urgh. Thanks to NINI lah ! Spread all the unhealthy germs to me. ): BUT still, you better drink more water okay ! (:

What's the crazy craze right now ?


haha. Oh well, i can't believe we can't thrash NINI/KEKE! ahhhhh. And i tell you something, NINI IS ONE BIG UNCOOKED CHICKEN SUSHI ! hahahahha.

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