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Friday, May 26, 2006

Finally, out of FOUR freaking essays, one's down. I intend to finish up HOI on sunday, and hopefully i'll be able to start my accounting essay sometime next week ! ((: What i need now, is motivation to push me forward.


Okay, anyway, on a lighter note, i'm recovering a little ! (: No more sore throats, just flu and cough. Heavy phlegm still though. But who cares ! Eating is my hobby, dieting is my passion ! LOL. ironic huh? Went to the doctors on wednesday, and he was kind enough to issue me a TWO DAY medical certificate ! Guess what. I have to take FOUR stupid tablets in a day. mind you, not one, two, three, but FOUR. =/ Nvm, at least it makes me feel better. haha.

I've watched X-MEN 3 already ! This show is damn nice, and it's totally worth watching. Go people, i urge you to watch it ! LOL. Anyway, Nini and i saw three gay couples whilst waiting to go in. Like EWWW. omg, and one of them was actually .... okay, it's quite gross, so i decided not to say. OH, X-Men is so nice that we couldn't get seats in the 8 pm and 8:45 pm slots. So we ended up getting the 9:30 pm slot, with only a few pathetic seats left. =/ This is the first time i've gotten seats at the very last row, and at the farthest side of the row. One good thing about Australia's cinema, THEIR SEATS ARE DAMN SPACIOUS. haha.

Ahhh, sometimes, a breather like such is good. It takes my mind off work, and everything else. ((:

Thursday's was Trinity's Autumn Music Festival. I like the ones played on the piano. Some bands were good, some were so-so. I pretty much enjoyed myself though, BECAUSE it's music !! I love music concerts, and i'm thinking if i should join the Spring Music Festival ! OH WOW ! okay, cool.

Face the reality now, yes, i know.
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