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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
i seriously hate people who pang seh people.
and i hate it when people don't reply me and go off.
that's like almost the same, isn't it?

I received a damn depressing letter this morning, and it affected me for the later part of the day. Don't ask why, it just did. Life can't get any better.

Theatresports is cool, as usual.
The Banana girl is way funny.
Giulia got me addicted to Nutri-grains.
She came over at night, cause she misses me.

I'm down with slight flu and cough. I think i'm going to lose my voice pretty soon. What do i call this? I call this a bad day, with the help of the letter, sickness and something else. ):

I'm sad, i'm angry, i'm feeling sick.
No one bothers anyway.

Sorry, the letter is urgh. FCUK.


I have literature tute early morning tomorrow. Tell me how mundane my life can get sometimes. Sick of life? pretty much yes.

photos when i feel better perhaps.

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