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Thursday, May 18, 2006
I'm feeling much better. THANKS GWEN SWEEETIE ! That email is so sweet ! yay.

Nothing much happened today though, except that YICHING left me alone at home again ! ):

I have a date to look forward to tomorrow ! It's our dine-out night ! yum yum! I miss that girl ! (x Oh, and i meant jun. haha.

Anyway, I promised photos, so here it is ! (:

ting in nini's shades.


i'm just plain retarded, i know.

ting in nini's goggles + shades.

that's how long nini's jeans are !
okay, or rather that's how short i am.

monday's outfit with nini's shawl !

big thumb VS. small thumb !

Flubberball ! (:

Look carefully, i had my thumb decorated with sequins !
credits to nini, my manicurist ! LOL.

Okay, i'm off.

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