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Monday, May 22, 2006
Molishane ! (:

Since palmerston's internet system is down these few days, i shall update and reply tags in swanston's computer lab ! Cool. Nothing much to update actually. Jun's beside me now, and we're both slacking our time off until the rest finishes school. Hmm..

I'm still down with flu, cough and sore throat. I know right, how bad can it get. =/ I'm coughing and sniffling and visiting the toilet more than you can imagine. YES ! It's THAT BAD. My voice's like 'ah du' ( you know, the chinese pop singer ), so sexy and urgh, annoying. BUT, i don't care ! I still eat wicked wings, chips, chocolate, cereals, kimchi and whatever whatever !

Sidetracking a little,

ASH SAYS HI ! JUN SAYS BYE ! okay, now jun says SHE'S A RETARD.
DEE SAYS I'M GOOD ! (: she says, " YOUR ASS AH"


ZHI. orh, you very naggy leh ! lol. xie xie ni luh ! ((: LAO TAI PO !

SEEHWEE !!! omgomg. where have you disappeared to ! ): I always can't catch you online ! I HAVEN'T forget you too you know ! Make time for me in June alrights ! We're so going to pig out okay !

DANA ONG ! you nehnehpok! Remember the days we went swimming ? DAMN FUN RIGHT ! hahahhaha. Then we'll go play squashie !!

CHING ! EHHHH, i like to eat ma ! YOU also never stop me from eating ! (((: Anw, i'm strong okay ! buahahahhaha.

NINI ! It's not hot, it's DAMN HOT. let me breathe for a sec or two then don't let me breathe already leh ! )): hahaha. Anw, thanks for passing me the vicks at that time luh ! ((((: MUSHROOM ROCKS ! and may you have a BIG MOUTH ! =p

XIANGFENG ! I also want to go ice skating !! Then i can pull you down ! (: I wanna go swimming too eay ! RMB RMB RMB??? and our poem ! RMB RMB RMB !!! AHHHHHH. I miss those days !

okok, SANNY and MIKE are sitting behind me, pressurizing me to go KFC NOWNOWNOW ! sayonara !

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