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Saturday, May 13, 2006
Okay, i just got back home from a whole day of activities. (:

I'll just skip whatever that is boring. skip skip skip, till BIG NOISE !! omg omg. That is the coolest event i've ever participated so far ! I swear, i got pretty high like almost immediately. Basically, Big Noise is this event organised by a particular band, and it involves the whole FEBURARY INTAKE ( Trinity College ), like say around 300 odd students? I was playing the claves, then the cowbell, then the shakers, then the DRUMS. coolness shit!

Many of us got damn high and started dancing to the rocking music. DANCE DANCE DANCE ! (: We were all shaking like nobody's business ! I only know i was dancing, jumping and screaming till i got tired. haha. Oh well, BIG NOISE IS DAMN COOL.

After Big Noise, we went home, only to find out that there's no more dinner. I didn't feel like studying today, so we all went out for dinner ! ((:

Kevin called, and off i went to Kingpin for cocktail drinking ! Nini and i WALKED all the way from lygon to melbourne centre ! amazing. Met Kevin, James and KC and had our first drink for free. The bartender's new, so the drinks were so-so. We managed to get 60 bucks worth of arcade gaming FOC. Imagine how high we'd gotten. Nini and i were hooked on to House of the Dead. lol. Left at 11 odd for home ! Met kenneth, jun and ash while they were on their way to Hush bar.

Hmm, it's shopping tomorrow, and Chrisypooo's performing tmr ! (:

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