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Saturday, May 20, 2006

JUN ! SORRY girl for the other night. I'll make it up some time soon alrights ! ):

HONGS ! Hey, thanks so much yes? I hope that day will be a memorable one for you ! lol. you know what i'm referring to right ?

JOSH ! eheh, what's dumbo jumbo you nnp ! I'M NOT A JUMBO ! stop saying my face look like flubberball !!

NINI ! wo bu hao ! always must WAIT for you until wo bu hao ! what hen nan kan ! hen mei de wo. you jealous that i mei right ! LOL. DAOOOO ME ! )):

XIANGFENG ! omgomgomg. imissyouimissyouimissyouimissyou like crazy !! I'm coming back on the _ _ th June ! lol. nicole knows ! I can't wait to go back ! You must make time for ME okay !! I might crash AJ ! WAIT for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

DANA ONG ! yesyesyes! five more weeks before i return ! ARE YOU EXCITED? lol. Let's have a slumber party !! Then we can shop NTUC again ! hahaha.

Let's go SWIMMING AGAIN ! I really miss those days when we went swimming at dana's condo ! OMG. Still remember the choreography we came up with in the pool ? hahaha. Then we must go ice skating !! (((:

Speaking of which, xf brought back memories of the times where we came up with our very own poem ! - "BOYS ARE WIMPS". HAHAHHA. We were on our way to SMU for basketball matches and there you go, the poetic genius ! (: lol.


Relatively fine saturday to start the weekend with. Went to QV and Big W to stock up chips and chocolates. I haven't splurge on food for quite some time already! Saw little animals on the way to Laguna. They're so adorable ! (((:

I'm sick. I got so frustrated with my flu that i woke up in the middle of the night, sitting on my bed, crying. LOL. Nini's vicks flames my nose ! haha.

Okay, i'm off to do math. ciao ~

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