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Sunday, May 14, 2006
Walk the distance and embrace the restrictions;

It's Mother's Day today ! Feelings beyond words. (:

I swear i'm so going to die. Damn the 1200 word essay i have to write for HOI. Don't ask me what's HOI. It's some stupid shit. ):

Anyway, on a lighter note, yesterday was a total blast ! I know right, what a big change in mood from yestd. Oh well. Chrisypoo, Ken, Jun and I set off from home to our various destination, and guess what? As we were walking down the streets, jun pointed out something rather memorable !

All four of us happen to be the ones who went out together at the very first saturday after our parents return back to Singapore ! Melbourne Central, our very first shopping centre we've stepped into in Australia. Memorable? Definitely.

Met Nini after a few tram stops away, and headed towards MC to shop for Mother's Day gift. MC didn't last us for very long, Smith did. Okay, not very long, but longer at least. We weren't fated to meet the right pair of palms for his mom until our return to MC after that. BUT, i bought a green top ! (: Credits to Nini ! Saw this white hang-off shoulder top for 20, but decided not to buy. URGH, i'm starting to regret ! ))): The Nike sale was damn tempting. I think the nike-shoe-i-fancy is making me drool. ))))))))))): OH GOD.

omg, melbourne has damn nice pastries ! It just reminded me of those days where my mom would bring me to Delifrance for a little treat after ballet lessons in Hougang, and piano lessons when i was still under Yamaha! Okay, anw, we dined at 'Singapore Chom Chom' and left to meet the rest in church.

Chrisypooo's performing tonight in his very own band ! AWESOMEEE ! ((: Pastor Jonathan raised up some really good questions to worth pondering over. We were taught of a song from Zimbawe ( or was it Zambie ), using only three verse, and it turned out really nice - Bayawe Aba Myweyo. Jun, Zhi, Dee, Ash and I sang all the way from church to home. That's how nice the song is. I took a video of the song, but i can't seem to upload the video, so too bad ! haha.

It was PON at home with the girls ! Satisfying, Fufiling. Amazing night, wonderful christ. What more can i ask for? -grins-

Now, back to complete HOI. urgh. Don't blame me if i were to get a little cranky these few days.

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