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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

i did not, and never intended to pangseh NICHOLAS TEO WEIQIANG on monday, 5th of June !! ): Sorry lah, i had to head town to settle you-know-what-by-now ma! As compensation, i bought you damn nice egg tarts okay! TSK. still draw and toxicate my face ! i had my bath already lor ! nnp ! :p still make me waste one tram trip to acc you to city to find your face paint, but to no avail! ): I better clarify first, before you use my method and whine non-stop on the way to school/back from school/in-between class intervals. ((:

-little tennis balls bouncing!-

Okay, so, lessons were alright, and i got termed 'crazy' just because i wore a skirt to school when it's 3.9 degrees outside. LOL. That's the thrill, isn't it? But anyway, jun and i went to city in searching for our winter jackets and warm clothing. She bought this damn nice maroon jacket and a balloon skirt. haha. I bought my knitted-kind of cardigan and a turtleneck top! I swear i so love shopping. haha. (:

I had the worst experience ever in BIG W today. omg. thank god nini was there! ((((((((((((((((((((((((((:

Exams? shit.

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