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Saturday, June 10, 2006
I am still waiting for van's thumb, nini's video and yit ming's photos. GRRRR.

Anyway, i am quite a good girl today. (:

Accounting lecture was quite productive today. Oh well, at least i've understood everything. yay. And Mary (my lecturer) is damn funny, as always! Two hours of lecture is no joke. BUT still, jacq, vic and i pretty much enjoyed it !

After accounting, jacq and i went Ballieu and Leeper libraries to borrow books for my acc. essay. OMG, those three books are a killer, in terms of weight and content. I was in my heels and was fighting the cold with the three stupid heavy books in my arms, plus a bag with my file and accounting lecture notebook on my shoulder! I WAS DAMN TIRED. phew.

Went for math support lecture at 1400. Met nini and his ugly hair there. (oops!) HAHA. I could hardly concentrate because of this gigantic head infront of me! okay, i know, excuses. LOL. After math, nini and i went for KFC ! We were damn damn hungry! We sort of had breakfast + lunch + dinner all at a shot, from 1600 to 1730. HAHA. I was eating very very slowly.

Then was Home Sweet Home. (:

MAKE A GUESS, what is this?
(don't bother about my psychology course lecture notes.)

The inside.

& the close up !

I SO LOVE THIS LITTLE THING ! (: i know i must thank someone, but hmmm, LOL !

I am so bored, because nini decided to ps me and leave me to rot at home by going to his aunt's place.

i ended up taking photos of myself with my hair, all tied-up!

half of my going-to-explode wardrobe !

aiyah, i can't help it but to post such a random post! i am too bored ! Thanks to who?


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