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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
I have photos to upload, but i haven't gotten them all from nini and van. oh well.

DAMN. i had to start my day off with a stupid drama exam which i don't think i've performed to my best ability. I FREAKING FORGOT ONE LINE. Anyway, we had to do a monologue for term two's exam, and omg, my performance was shit. I was so nervous. I was stalling for time by acting sad and all, just so to hope that i can remember the lines. ARGH!!!


After my drama, a whole group of us went to eat at Union House. gosh, andrew, giulia, james and i all had our lines forgotten. That's bad. And i heard haorui screwed up his as well. Okay, i'm not suppose to whine any further, am i?


It's been months. What do i really want, and maybe it's time i give up, before i sink in any further.

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