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Friday, June 09, 2006
Let's do a little backtracking. (:

Thursday was a pretty pleasant day, except that i had this bad headache in the afternoon. AHH, we celebrated ZHIMIN'S birthday at 11:00 pm sharp! I hope it's a memorable one for her. We practically acted as though we'd clean forgotten her birthday until the last hour of 7th June. Heh. The cake from trampoline was fantastic, even though i didn't eat a lot. I'm on my no-late-night-bingeing-diet. HAHA !


Zhimin is ...

The first person i knew in IDP.
The first person i went out with on 9th Feb.
The first person who went BIG W & SAFEWAY with me.
The first person to tell me more regarding her life.
The first person to tell me about TJK (ahem).
The first person i told about my love life.
The first person to visit my room.
The person i can laugh with the most.
The person i feel most comfortable with.
The person i am closest to other than jun.
The person whom i can talk about anything under the sun.
The person whom experienced my first 'scary' incident.
The person whom i first had ice cream with.
The person whom i first sauntered along lygon with.
The person whom i always love to go shopping with.
The person who will always acc me into the dressing room.
The person who shares the same slippers as me. (coincidental)


OF COURSE THERE ARE MORE TO IT, but since zhi turns SEVENTEEN as of 7th June, i shall only write 17 'Zhi Min is ..." ! are you touched? :P

Hmm, Nini's drama monologue was today. And i had to wake up early to accompany him to FSC just to paint his face! I'm a nice person, so you know, i... lol. He had his face painted all green, red, black and all. I can't whine, if not ... HMMM.

23 June is arriving ! (((: I can get really excited over the date. I can't wait to go back ! Then, i can return home, meet all my friends, my team, my teachers, and especially the NUTS ! (: I think i've repeated this like damn a lot of times already, but who cares !

Nicole and her squeaking,
Hazel and her laughter,
Carena and her LOUDness,
Dana and her neverending tales,
Xiang Feng and her ridiculous games,
Mitchell and his TALL-SHORT theory,
Edward and his muscular body,
Kai Wen and his guitar singing,
Joseph and his 'cool' image,
Hek Ming and his silly-ness,
Biggie (ter) and his AHEM*,
Jun Zhang and his lame jokes

and many more ! ((:

OMG. i am so depressed, knowing that 16th June is approaching. DAMN. !!

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