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Monday, June 26, 2006
Okay, so i actually didn't feel like blogging, but since i had nothing better to do, might as well right ! I landed in Singapore yesterday night and boy was it HOT ! I'm probably used to the cold weather in Melbourne, that's why. Having to see mom, dad, sis, bro once again felt really good. No doubt i cried duh. Home's the best though.

Was suppose to go for roti prata at 9 am today, but apparently i overslept and only woke up at 12. haha. So we had lunch at jalan kayu instead. i swear i am going to grow fat this holiday because my mom is pumping me with tons of GOOD FOOD. hahaha. After lunch, i went all over singapore to pay my relatives a visit, and to tell them that i'm safely home. (: I call that courteousy.

So anyway, so much has changed. My house has taken a drastic makeover, my room's different, i have a new member to the family - COOKIE (hamster), my dog learnt how to greet people with his hands, my sis became darker, my brother grew taller, my dad started drinking MILK?! and omg, lots more. It's so nice to see familiar faces once again.

I want to go out every single day. Please book me people ! LOL. okay, that sounds wrong, but whatever! I want to go wherever i want ! I am so going to get my ears pierced, hair trimmed, and highlighted. I am going to the GSS while everyone else are having exams and school. :P

i'm tired. g'nights everyone.

As the dark falls, when competition arises, I can't help but to ask myself, "am i losing you?" ):

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