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Saturday, June 03, 2006

IMAX was damn cool. It's this theatre in Melbourne Museum that shows 3-D documentaries. It's bigger, and better than Singapore's OMNI theatre! coolness shit. We were watching about sharks and boy was it good. I pretty much enjoyed it! (:

cooking club is way fun. ash, dee, zhi and i learnt how to make kebab, pettie hamburgers, salad and pavlona! (: It's not just any kebab or hamburgers, it's barbequed, australian foods! AND i so love pavlona!! Until ash sends me the photos, i can't decribe it here, cause it's way beyond words! haha.

after cooking club, all four of us headed to city. We bought like damn a lot of stuffs. Okay, more like I bought a lot of goodies. An additional piece of clothing to my wardrobe, and a clutch! ((: Oh yes, i'm almost done with all the stuffs i'm buying back to Singapore! YAY. Met the guys, and off we leave for home!

It's DFO tmr. KOHZHIMIN! are you excited? (: I'm so gonna shop till i drop. HAHA.

Okay, so here it is. I'm in a dilemma. Yes, i do see it coming, and i'm sinking in deeper day by day. I don't know how much it can contain, and how long will it take to heal. But i know, my feelings are innocent and please don't hurt them at this point. Sometimes i wish i had powers to know your thoughts, because i'm ... drowning in silence. sigh

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