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Thursday, June 22, 2006

I totally give up on ACCOUNTING.
I don't understand a shit about accounting.
I don't care if I fail accounting. (okay, actually, I do lah)


Four papers down. ONE left. I must persevere !! although i am disheartened by the fact that accounting is -.-
HAHA. oh well !

On a lighter note, i'm returning home like in ONE DAY'S TIME. ((((((((: Hip hip hooray !
Till then, i will spend quality time with the rest for solid TWO WEEKS. omg. i can't wait.

URGH. accounting? suck.

Psychology today was okay. (: At least something to make me feel better. I love short answer questions more than MCQ ! i'm not weird, its because i studied damn hard for the short answered questions. I memorized the content till 3 am in the morning. It'll better get me FULL MARKS. heh! I know i have to thank nini for helping me !! lol. -GRINS-

aiyah, i'm off for now.

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