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Friday, June 16, 2006

ZHI ! we MUSN'T give up no matter how hard life is okay? (: JIAYOU ! We'll support each other to the end, won't we? Thank you for hearing me out these few days when no one even bothers alright ! You know i'll be there for you always too ! ((:

SASHA ! Haha, actually i don't mind which day the gathering is, because exams are more important ! No worries yeah? You and your GERMANY team ! lol.

JOSH ! eh, CANNOT ah ! =P

NINI ! eheh, i very pro one can. It takes me less than half an hour to change blogskin. I know you're jealous ! (: Lucky you said it was nice, if not .... you dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! PANG SEH for the 4th time. hais.

JINHONG ! yeah, cos i got quite tired of the previous one already, so here's a change ! I'm coming home soon ! -swoons- AWAIT MY GRAND ARRIVAL ! haha.

GWEN SWEETIE !! omgomgomg. I can't believe you're coming to Melbourne soon! ((((((((((: I know i love you more than anything else! LOVE.

SHIT lah. it's the 16th today. ))):

It's tears in bed, almost every night. Happiness? I do wear a smile on my face, but that's what i call a facade. Hah, it's all hidden behind that invisible mask. It feels terrible, but, what can i do? Everyone else are busy mugging for exams. So it's always school, my room and i, school, my room, and i. Who really even cares?

Pardon me, but so many things have happened to me that i can't help feeling low. I'm tired, tired of almost everything. Maybe i should just stay in my room.

In a nutshell, too many unlucky things have happened, to me duh.

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