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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Zhi and I walked two full rounds of DFO, and bought like damn a lot of stuffs - be it clothings, shoes, bags, accessories, blablabla. (:

We left home at 9, and finished shopping at 4. Damn, we're good. (: We just kept buying and buying and buying! I bought like six tops, one shorts, one leggings, two pairs of shoes, one bowl, one clutch, an earring, hair straightener, six pretty underwears, lots of goodies and one LITTLE TENNIS BALL! so cute! okay, that's like damn a lot of things uh? oh well, shopping with me is OMG. hahahahaha. and the best part is, i spent less than a hundred for all these things. amazing?

So in the end, we had so many shopping bags. it was awesome! (: I so love my camis.

OKAY, after shopping, i don't wish to elaborate any further. It's damn annoying and i hate people who don't understand the word - RESPONSIBILITY. FCUKING ANGRY. urgh.

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