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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So many things have happened, but yet i don't know where to begin. I have so much things contained inside me. Oh well. I guess i can't do much about it. Whether or not the situation deterioriate, i cannot be bothered. I have my targets to reach, and i know i've got to study hard for it. Nerdy TINGXUAN, here i come ! (:

My feet hurts a lot. ):

Sometimes i wish i was still in Singapore. Things were so much simple and pure back then. SIGH.

AND i can't be bothered to care who 'Guess who' is, because whoever he/she is, that person has no life. Oh, i forgot to mention, i don't give a damn to people who don't even respect their own names. Does that ring a bell? Ah yes, my life won't be disrupted because of you. Tag whatever you want, because it only goes to show how immature you are. Have lots of fun then ! (:

I'm bushed. I slept SO late last night that i could hardly open my eyes this morning. (I was studying okay.) Had drama earlier on, and omg, i got back my results. I SERIOUSLY NEVER EXPECTED THAT KIND OF MARKS. and i've got like the two strict teachers, especially Roger. =/ Anw, psy tute is cancelled, so i have the whole afternoon free. I'm back to mugging. (:

Anw, i'd gotten the photos from van and jun already. so here it is.



Nini and I !

The trio.

Mimi and Dee !

Van and Eric.

Horses duh.

Okay, the photos below are considered to be 'ANGELIC'.

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