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Monday, June 12, 2006
STUPID FANG SHUAI ! your message is such a chore ! I got really irritated with spamming, and especially when it happens like once in every 10 minutes ! URGH. And it's happening again.


Of all times, in the midst of my essay writing. tsk.


What did i do to deserve such a treatment from someone i barely knew? It seriously hit me as to why you'd turn out that way when i had a good impression of you all along.

Why are you reacting in such a way that makes people wag about you?
Why do you even give them your attitude, knowing that they are your closest friends?
Why do you make your close friends turn their backs against you?
Why would you want to self-inflict misery on yourself?
Why do you act as though you own the world?
Why are you making everyone dislike you more and more?
Why is it that you experience a split personality?
Why are you so arrogant?

I don't know how to judge you any further. This is seriously worrying and i fear for you, really.



Damn, what a bad night. I'm not in a very good mood, so don't provoke me. It's not the lack of sleep or whatever bullshyt.

i don't care, the problem is, WHY AM I AFFECTED?


Pardon me for the above rantings. I got pretty pissed partly because of that damn spamming thing and another issue for which i am so disgusted by.

MISS LOO XIANG FENG ! How was all the camps? I bet those camps must have been really enriching uh? Lucky you ! I cannot excess your blog ! Go fix it, if not i can't tag ! Even you're back in Singapore already. ahhhh ! How i miss you so badly. ): I might just cry when i see you guys again ! Let's fix a date to go back to ZHSS. This is weird, but i miss the teachers ! sigh.

I miss ..

MRS NGIAM ! My dearest form teacher ! If not for her guidance and encouragement for the past two years, i think i'll do really badly in my O levels. She's the funkiest form teacher i've ever met ! She's like one of us, always takes part in our group outings and constantly advicing us when we're down. omg, like which form teacher will do that ? (i know dana and xf's going to say mr gavin lee! cause nic, hazel and carena will agree with me !)

MS SERENE OW !! omg. She was one who took me by the hand and guided me into the school debator's team. Her expectations for our class in Literature is high. If we don't at least hit B4, she won't allow us to take the Os. mmm. I still remember, i merely hit her target in my mid years, and she said, "TingXuan, okay, i'm sure you can still do better. At least you've improved quite a lot comapred to the shit work you'd given me in the early time of the year. Keep it up." HAHAH !

CAI LAO SHI ! chinese has always been my strongest subject other than E math duh. Although she can get really naggy, moodswings and all during lessons, but she is still one of my most respected teacher. (: I wonder if she still remembers me?

MR LIM ! my school's discipline master. He's damn fierce when it comes to punishing people, but he's really nice to prefects and erm, me! (: He shares a really close bond with all the prefects and the student council. We can joke around with him, go have lunch/dinner with him and all. He can be quite wild when we have our annual campfires! But, at times, i do run away from him when i see him nearby. LOL. because i'm always wearing ankle socks, that is! NEVER in my four years of sec school have i worn a proper school socks before. Don't blame me, blame basketball! x) Even if he catches me, all he does is to ask me to pull up my socks and let me go. I know right, he's damn nice. But if he catches some other random fellow zhonghuarians, he'll make them take out their socks and shoes and stand outside the GO until he comes to get them. =/

MDM LAU ! omg. my chinese teacher for sec one and two, my mentor in prefectorial board, and the best discipline mistress ever! I can never be active in school activities and stuff if she hadn't notice me and pulled me into the prefectorial board ! ((: I must really thank her for this wonderful chance because i did learn a lot and most importantly, i get to plan and carry out events such as Teachers' Day celebration, CNY celebration, Sec One Orientation camps and blablabla. If not for her, i wouldn't have the opportunities to be emcees for quite a number of events. I must really say, my life in zhonghua is pretty much revolving around studies, student council, prefectorial board and basketball. I had to sacrifice bball because of my commitment to the SC/PB. I feel more attached to PB though, because THE PB FLAME WILL NEVER DIE.

Mmm, i feel so much better after relieving the past. In times like this, i can't believe i miss zhonghua. =/

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