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Friday, July 28, 2006
Don't blame me for not updating so frequently, blame it on PALMERSTON. urgh. I can't upload photos that often too because freaking palmerston has this limited downloading space. Oh well !

Anyway, life's good. But it could have been better if there's no essays and all. Went Ballieu to study yesterday night, and omg, kenneth was totally hilarious to the dumber side. -.-

Today's a boring day. I almost fainted in the morning. It's so embarrasing ! OOOOO~ Math lecture was surprisingly alright, because it further strengthened my knowledge for Gauss-Jordan Elimination and fnding determinants for bigger square matrices. (: I LOVE MATH.

It's gonna be a hectic day tomorrow ! Soccer match in the morning, Chris's concert in the afternoon, and something special and meaningful at night ! OH I CAN'T WAIT. heh.

Stupid KOHZHIMIN is going skiing tonight and decided to pangseh us for tomorrow's activity. ):

AND last but not least, i WANT my mushrooms !!

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