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Friday, July 14, 2006
Forget about the previous post ! After a good night sleep, i'm feeling POSITIVE once again ! (: ohyay. Everyone's out for lessons now, and i'm so bored at home. Just read through math lecture notes again, because i don't want to be lost in the lecture later on. Tell me i am hardworking. LOL

Life's like that; there are ups and downs and is never smooth-sailing. BUT, everything sad should be left behind and welcome a fresh day feeling okay.

I hope i will hear nothing that will tend to spoil my day today. OHWELLS. it's a life less ordinary i guess.

I HAVE photos to upload, but my thumb's with NICHOLAS TEO WEIQIANG, and i'm lazy to walk over to get it now, so i'll prolly put them up later in the day! Till then, smile folks !

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